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Bike Education Resources



 BIKE CLUB Tulsa Resources page - Resources for use in BIKE CLUB
TPS Volunteer Opportunities - TPS webpage with Volunteer Application PDF link, Volunteer Handbook and more.

2017-2018 BIKE CLUB Calendar

Assorted State, National, and International Resources

Includes an assortment of both print and video materials and link to primary site where all of this and more can be read/downloaded.
Ride Smart and Bike Safe, Bike Smart videos feature young hosts and simple messages.  
Print materials include Bikeology curriculum, some of which was used as the primary source material for the BIKE CLUB volunteer guides Jason and crew are assembling.
Bikeology is a complete curriculum, but can be mined for details beyond the BIKE CLUB Volunteer Guide.  Includes lots of "good stuff."
  Bicycle Safer Journey materials; video, on-line quiz, and link to teaching resources.
Short video with good general info about shared use path riding.
North Carolina's bike ed materials, both print and video.  
The two non-instructor videos, Get Ready to Ride and Bicycling Basics are hosted by teens and, though a bit long, at 17 minutes or so each, present good material in an engaging manner and include some questions for audience feedback.
The program videos, especially Teaching The Skill Building Activities, can be mined for teaching tips and ideas to use in any program.
A host of short, single-topic videos presenting all of the basics; includes ABC Quick Check, Starting and Stopping, Signaling, and more.  
Probably best for adults and young adults, but not bad for elementary kids.
Good to give volunteers a good idea of the skills we're attempting to teach the kids and have everyone singing from the same sheet of music.
Print materials including a full elementary curriculum developed in conjunction with the League of American Bicyclists
Another very complete curriculum and good source to mine for tips, tricks, drills, etc.
The video items are more for adults, but good and short introductions to various topics.
LInks to UK and Australian Programs ... great info, they just drive on the wrong side of the road!

Other "Stuff" ...



National Highway Transportation Safety Administration - NHSTA


Link - Lots of "stuff" including the items included below ...

Print Materials




Ride Smart   9:02

Xander and Elizabeth talk about the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet. [9:02]

Bike Safe, Bike Smart   9:11

Xander and Elizabeth talk about you, your bike, and the rules of the road. [9:11]

Fitting A Bike Helmet - Animated   1:17


Bicycle Safety - Animated   1:38



Rules of the Road - Animated   1:29



Federal Highway Administration - Bicycle Safer Journey


Skills for Safe Bicycling, Ages 10-14     5:08




City of Sanibel - Shared Path Use


Biking on a Shared Use Path - Cycling on Sanibel, City of Sanibel, Fl

Sanibel Bike Club video.  Has great info for riding on a shared use path. [6:46]

Let's Go Biking - North Carolina Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety


Let's Go NC! - North Carolina Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Skills Program for Healthy, Active Children



Print Materials




About the Program [3:24]


Curriculum Basics [4:46]


Let's Go Biking - for instructors [2:51]


Let's Go Biking! Teaching the Skill Building Activities - For instructors [7:01]


Let's Go Biking!  Lesson 1:  Get Ready to Ride [17:17]


Let's Go Biking!  Lesson 2:  Bicycling Basics [16:13]


League of American Bicyclists - Safe Cycling






Bike Helmets 00:52


Fitting and Adjusting Your Bike 1:09


What to Wear  1:04


Basic Bike Check  1:37


Starting and Stopping  1:30


Steering  1:20


Scanning  00:55


Riding On The Sidewalk  1:24


Signaling  1:17


Shifting Gears  1:02


Where Should I Ride?  1:36


Lane Changing  1:03


Traffic Laws - Rules of the Road  1:35


Intersection Positioning  1:44


What To Bring  00:58


Sharing The Trail  1:14


Bike Lanes  1:15


How To Choose A Bike  1:10


Enjoy the Ride - Essential Bicycling Skills   22:01


Bicycle Safety Tips for Adults   7:23



Safe Routes to School



Print Materials



Bicycle Transportation Safety Alliance - Portland, OR




Print Materials



Shifting Gears

This is the "C" from the ABC Quick Check
Parts of the bicycle drive train ... the "C" ...
View of your chain from ABOVE ... pedal on the left (Chain Rings) and back wheel hub on the right (Cassette / Freewheel).
Left control/shifts the FRONT derailleur ... Chain Rings (where the pedals attach)
Low numbers make it easier to pedal.
Right control/shifts the REAR derailleur ...Cassette/Freewheel
Low numbers make it easier to pedal.
Remember - Right is rear (both for gears and brakes)


Helmet Decoration

This video shows how to decorate your helmet using "paint" pens.  Though the paint pens have to be treated with care (tips can be easily damaged), this is a great project.


Cyclocross Kids


Selective Attention test




Vintage Bicycle Safety Videos

One Got Fat - 1963 Bicycle Safety film 14:47
A group of monkey-masked kids decide to ride their bikes to the park for a picnic. Along the way, one by one, the kids are knocked out of the ride due to careless or unsafe riding.
Boys explain to dad how riding their bicycles is the same as driving a car; same rules and responsibilities.

One Got Fat (1963)  14:47


Drive Your Bicycle - 1954   10:47


Bicycle Today, Automobile Tomorrow - 1969    10.08


Bicycle Clown - 1969    9:17


Bicycle Safety - 1950    9:48


You And Your Bicycle - 1948    8:58


Parts of a Bicycle

Maps to BIKE CLUB schools - 2018


Cooper kids

Kids at Braums

Crashed kids

Riding two-by-two

Cooper kids riding in the neighborhood, 2022-12. 

How to change a tire and tube


Drawings of Bicycles from memory

Draw bicycle from memory

Here are the resulting bicycles built from the drawings above ...

Draw bicycle - result


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